Family appeal for Melbourne student missing four days

As he dropped his daughter Nashwa off at school, Khalil Kowa expected to see her home that night for dinner.


But four days on, there’s been no sign of the 18-year-old.

“We are very concerned. We need to listen to Nashwa’s voice,” Mr Kowa told SBS News.

Her mother, Nadia Koko, hasn’t slept since her disappearance.

“I’m very very scared for her. Four days, I didn’t see her.”

In school uniform, Nashwa Kowa attended her classes at Melton Christian College in Melbourne’s north western outskirts, before signing out at 12.40pm to attend a VET fashion course as part of her studies.

But she never showed up.

Constable Katie Keating, from Victoria Police said Ms Kowa had deactivated her social media accounts and had not contacted any siblings.

“We’ve spoken with one male that we thought she might be with, and he’s confirmed that he isn’t with her. We haven’t spoken to anyone else.”

Ms Kowa was carrying a large black, red and yellow ‘Mick’s Gym’ duffle bag, with clothes in it.

She told friends she was going to Crown Casino.

Her heartbroken family, who fled Sudan as refugees, just wants to know if she is okay.

Mr Kowa said he brought his family to Australia in 2005, to give them a better life.

“We (were) travelling, very hard, we struggling, very hard, to bring the kids here to get education, to look after himself. It’s important. And it’s very hard to bring kids here, and we lose them.”

Mrs Kowa fought back tears as she appealed to her daughter.

Nashwa Kowa was last seen leaving Melton Christian College in Melbourne’s north western outskirts.supplied

“I don’t know where you are. I don’t know if you alive, or you dead, I don’t know. I have nine kids. It’s hard, very hard for me.”

Ms Kowa has gone missing once before – about three months ago, but only for 24 hours.

CCTV footage from outside Melton Christian College shows Ms Kowa leaving the school, which could help police with their investigation.

Mr Kowa had a message for his daughter.

“Please, we love you.”

“Please ring your mum, ring your sister, or ring me.”